Entrust EndDecrypt Problem

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Entrust, Error

Occasionally when aiding my colleagues in maintaining entrust within their environments the system can throw an EndDecrypt error when the service is started. This problem is caused by problems with the comms to the Informix database and is a problem with the password. I believe its probably caused by too brutal a shutdown but i wouldn’t wish to suggest that to my co-workers ….

The solution is quite simple though:-

1. Reset the password on the Informix service in services
2. Take out the dbloginpw line from authauto.ini
3. Add the dbloginpw line to the entmgr.ini in the login section (this reads dbloginpw=resetpassword)
4. Reboot the box/image
5. Start the entrust security manager

(The system automatically removes the password form entmgr.ini encrypts it and places it in authauto.ini)

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